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Payment methods

  1. Replacement
    For those who prefer the more traditional method, the products come via courier and you pay the price at the time of receipt. For orders where the total value of the selected products exceeds the amount of 100€ the shipping is free of charge. If the total value of the products you have chosen is below the limit of 100€ the cost of the transport depends on the transport company or courier and the delivery area and the charge of the cash on delivery extra 2,5€
  2. Deposit in a bank account
    You can deposit the money of your orders to the following accounts. Either through a deposit at one of the branches of your partner banks, or through Web Banking! IMPORTANT NOTE: In case you choose to transfer money from a bank other than the following, the transfer costs will be borne entirely by the customer.

Bank: Eurobank
NO. ΛΟΓ/ΜΟΥ: 0026.0311.15.0200326718
ΙΒΑΝ: GR4102603110000150200326718

All accounts have beneficiary GEORGIA KOSTOULA AND SIA S.A. After depositing the money, please contact our store to confirm the transfer, either by e-mail at info @ you can send us the proof of deposit in electronic form if the transfer is made through web-banking or by phone at 26810 79969 Your order will not be sent until we receive your payment.

  1. Credit/Debit card
    If you have a VISA, MasterCard, Maestro credit card you can use it safely through our order form. The credit card payment process is done through the Paypal interface to keep you safe and secure at all times. Your transactions in our online shop are protected by the highest online security systems.
    Credit card data is transferred encrypted using the SSL protocol. It is therefore impossible to intercept them. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol is a global standard for encrypting data exchanged between clients and servers. In addition, all transactions are governed by national and international law that regulates these matters and in particular matters relating to electronic commerce.

Our website uses 3D-Secure technology, which is the most secure means of combating fraud risks. 3D-Secure technology allows you to be sure that the payment order was given by the actual cardholder.
A typical transaction requires the card code, expiry date and the code on the back of the card. With 3D-Secure and depending on your bank, you will need to provide a password that you have already registered or you will receive via email or SMS a unique password.
This is an additional, but necessary, step for the security of the payment.

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